Hypergryd Solutions interviews. Ranotor Technology

Rasmus Grip works for Ranotor, a small power and heat generation start-up. Tech. Lic. Analytical mechanics. Formerly as a self-employed engineering consultant.

The former project leader of the SAABS steam engine for vehicles founds Ranotor AB. A reciprocating piston engine is a better type of expander than a steam turbine of steam when the power output is below -1-2 MW.

Within the last years, Ranotor has got customers that want modern steam engines for WHR (Waste Heat Recovery), and there is strong interest for the steam engine to exploit different types of unrefined and cheap biofuel but also other fuel as hydrogen, hydrogen peroxide, iron powder and Concentrating Solar Power.

Ranotor AB has researched technology for small-scale steam power embodied as a modern steam engine. The work involves compact steam generators and a high-speed reciprocating oil-free piston engine for high pressure and temperature. Ranotor has built a detailed software tool to simulate the piston engine regarding leakage, heat losses, and friction losses based on heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and mechanical issues.

In this interview, Rasmus Grip explains the development Ranotor is carrying out: “we’re currently designing an engine that runs on externally applied heat it can run on almost any fuel including biofuels. Our engine can also run on waste heat, for instance, from industrial processes”.

It also points out that “our system can be integrated within the power grid o to be used as a stand-alone utility… can run on clean energy sources and produce electricity in a carbon neutral way”.

We invite you to discover with us, in this video, the challenges and impacts of the system that Ranotor is developing for Hypergryd!