HYPERGRYD demonstrates key enabling technologies for thermal electricity markets coupling, integrating low-temperature smart heating and cooling systems including:

  1.    RES-based enabling technologies,
  2.    ICT tools and 
  3.    Integrated HYPERGRYD platform.

HYPERGRYD will serve as an integrator for the efficient cooperation of RES technologies towards the IoT ecosystem of DHC network, delivering a compatible and holistic solution for a network of systems and possible end users. 

The HYPERGRYD platform will: 

  • Deliver complex event processing and dynamic data analytics and  optimization, especially for the intermittent RES operations in DHC  networks; 
  • Serve as the single service hub for all hardware, end users and stakeholders; 
  • Exploit the extensive flexibilities of edge computing; 
  • Ease the user engagement through easy set-up and operation; and 
  • Offer great improvements of connectivity with existing and new systems, sensors, end users and data sources of the 4th and 5th generation of thermal energy networks.

Layer 1 - RES-based Enabling Technologies

The transition of the energy sector towards a higher penetration of renewables is a challenge that cannot be tackled by improving the efficiency of renewable generation alone, it is rather a problem that involves intertwined technical, environmental and socio-economic issues.

Layer 2 - HYPERGRYD Smart Tools

HYPERGRYD is developing innovative tools for RES-enabled district heating and cooling planning and optimization for the effective improvement of planning solutions and increased RES share in 4th and 5th generations DHC.

Layer 3 - HYPERGRYD Integrated Platform and Services

Development of an overall platform-of-platforms, which offers seamless transition between different specialized platforms to monitor, analyze and operate the whole system from different aspects and different life stages.