Hypergryd’s Solutions

HYPERGRYD aims to advance the integration of thermal and electric grids through renewable energy-based, digitally managed, and user-centric solutions to accelerate the sustainable transition to the future 4th and 5th generation district heating and cooling (DHC) systems and contribute to the EU’s 2050 climate targets.

HYPERGRYD faces some challenges in realizing this goal. We highlight the importance of increasing customer participation in the overall energy management of the grid with possibilities for energy trading in the virtual market.

It is crucial to guarantee the flexibility of HYPERGRYD’s solutions by ensuring a secure energy supply and state-of-the-art information and communication technologies.

That is why we believe it is essential for people to understand the HYPERGRYD project (what it is and how it will work).

To better understand the project’s technologies, a series of interviews called HYPERGRYD SOLUTIONS have been created for the partners to explain the work they are developing. So that citizens (potential users) can understand the challenges and progress in the project toward more sustainable district heating and cooling (DHC) systems.

 From the HYPERGRYD project, we hope these interviews will be enlightening and motivating so that integrating thermal and electrical networks becomes a reality.