Peer-to-peer energy trading with thermal assets in local energy markets

14th June

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Dr. Hannes Diedrich

Dr. Hannes Diedrich is Senior Backend Software Engineer at Grid Singularity, a technology pioneer company that simulates and operates energy marketplaces, including energy communities.

Prior to that, he implemented a satellite data cloud platform at Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam.

Hannes graduated in Meteorology and specialised in satellite remote-sensing and data analysis in his PhD at the Free University of Berlin, Germany.

Mustapha Habib

Mustapha Habib is a senior researcher with PhD in electrical engineering, specializing in the control and management of hybrid energy systems and power electronics.

Since 2022, he has been serving as a postdoctoral researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, specifically within the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering – Division of Building Design and Technology.





Presentation of a demonstration study with 18 simulation scenarios investigating the role of thermal assets in local energy markets and the impact of activating peer-to-peer energy trading in the community
(Dr. Hannes Diedrich, GSY)

Tool to simulate local peer-to-peer energy trading, designed to optimize individual and community cost and use of renewable energy and the grid network, encouraging initiation and growth of energy communities.


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Presentation of IoT-enabled smart coordinated energy management at a community level
(Mustapha Habib, KTH)

The open-source tool, developed by KTH, makes it possible for different members of an energy community to optimally share their energy resources to reduce the heating cost and maximize the community energetic independency from the grid utility in case of a sector coupling scenario.


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