Meet our partners!! OCHSNER

We have created this section for a better understanding of Hypergryd Project EU and all its members.

To do so, each week, one of the partners will answer some questions.

Let’s get started!

Our guest this week is Stephan Preisinger from OCHSNER

The role of OCHSNER in the Hypergryd Project EU is: involved especially in WP2.

But let Stephan Preisinger tell us about it!

1.What is the role of OCHSNER in Hypergryd Project EU?

OCHSNER develops a modular heat pump with an instantaneous hot water heater based on PCM materials together with AIT.

2.How do you contribute to the Hypergryd Project EU with your work?

Development of the modular heat pump is just the first step. The prototype is also tested at AIT and finally installed at the KEZO Living Lab.

3. Any tips for the public about your work?

OCHSNER designs and manufactures heat pumps in Austria and sells them across the globe. High efficiency and outstandingly low noise emissions characterize our heat pumps as THE sustainable heating solution.

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